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Any and every business benefits from the use of effective content. Creating leading-edge proposals and presentations specific to employee group benefits is time-consuming, especially in an industry where information is more like a deluge that requires a massive amount of sifting to consider what may or may not be applicable.

If “time equals money”, then consider, is the portion of your business dedicated to group insurance worth the research effort? As James Clear says; “How much I could lose is not merely a financial question”. Not just time, but sanity, corrections, reputation, happiness, distraction from other work you love to do.

This is where SMART Templates comes in.

With more than two-decades of boots on the ground, specialized employee group benefits expertise, SMART Templates offers the content accumulated and maintained specifically for employee group benefits to serve you and your customers.

Separated into usable categories, related to the scope of a benefit practice, using these templates will not only save time, but reduce overall costs, allow all members of the sales, service, and administrative team to consistently maintain the messaging in easy to understand language your client can relate.

Imagine being able to turn around information flow in minutes without having to consider what should and should not be sourced separately. These templates help streamline your processes, make you more efficient at what you do, and improve productivity.

Transform renewals into up-sell opportunities and PowerPoint presentations into winning new prospects.

Experience & Expertise

Lori Power has operated as an independent group benefit consultant, specializing in designing strategic employee group benefit plans to align with the corporate, compensation, culture, and wellness policies of each organization they serve for more than two-decades.

As an advocate for continuing education, she is a member of Advocis, the Canadian Group Insurance Brokers (CGIB), and the Canadian Association of Life Underwriters (CALU) and is a regular presenter for Business Career College.

She has been featured on the Corporate Connections Speaker’s series, Global News, CBC, the HR Reporter, Smokin’ Bulls podcast, the Advisor Advantage, Benefits Genius, BCC Drive Time, Every Other Wednesday corporate culture conversations, and hosts a weekly zoomcast entitled “Let’s Talk about this SHifT”.


From Analysis, to Marketing, to the Renewal presentations, and PowerPoints, the key is to organize information into a presentation clients can easily relate to make their buying decision simple.

Add your logo, update your font and colour scheme and you are ready to serve your client.

Blogs & More

For those who want to rank higher in their customer’s esteem and stand out on the internet, Blogs, Social Media Content.​

Connect to your audience with relevant information worth sharing.

SMART Templates

The SMART Templates library of content allows for:

  • Customization for logo, graphics, fonts, colour scheme and more for a unified appearance
  • Have the flexibility to add, edit, or update content specifics to the client
  • Spend time on the reported metrics, rather than re-inventing content and graphs for illustration
  • Choice of full presentation, with education content, to brief overview, or letter formatted content
  • Ready-made content means your team doesn’t have to create from scratch or hire someone to wordsmith
  • Once purchased, they are yours to use over and over again, creating a solid return on investment
  • Incorporating usability best practices, the content flows to help eliminate confusion or content overload
  • The framework helps eliminate errors from cutting and pasting from what worked for one client and “may” work for this situation, only to find out in the presentation that you accidentally included an “opps”
  • Ensure all of the information is included. With specific outlines, it’s difficult to exclude required data.



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